About Ratnagiri Police

The Superintendent of Police, Ratnagiri, is the executive head of the police force in the district. His primary duties are to keep the force under his control properly trained, efficient and contented and to ensure by constant supervision that prevention, investigation and detection of crime in his district are properly and efficiently dealt with by the force.

Ratnagiri district is divided into sub-divisions, which number from 4 in a district. Each sub-division is in charge of an officer of the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police who is responsible for all matters pertaining to crime in the area under his charge. Under the general orders of the Superintendent, he is responsible for the efficiency and discipline of the officers and men in his division. He has to hold detailed inspections of police stations and out-posts in his charge at regular intervals.

Each sub-division has one or more inspectors, who are engaged in the detection of crime and supervision of bad characters and gangs in their circles. They are also utilized for supervising and coordinating crime work of different police stations in their circles.

At district headquarters, the Superintendent is assisted by an Deputy Superintendent who is termed as Home DySP. In his capacity as Personal Assistant to the Superintendent, he supervises the work of the Superintendent’s office and at headquarters during the absence of the Superintendent and the Sub-divisional Officer. He also does all the routine work at the headquarters for the Superintendent of Police. Besides, there are inspectors for local intelligence and local crime branches.

Mission Statement

रत्नागिरी पोलीस shall ensure the Rule of Law, enforce the law of the land impartially without fear or favor, and strive to create a fear free environment that is conductive for growth and development.

रत्नागिरी पोलीस
will remain committed to maintaining public order, preventing and detecting crime, maintaining and promoting communal harmony, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic, and taking strong action against terrorism, organized crime, anti-social / illicit activities/ elements.

We will serve and protect all, particularly the down-trodden, the weak, women, minorities, senior citizen’s, slum dwellers, the poor & other marginalized sections of society. We will give prompt & compassionate response to every call of citizen in distress.

We will keep our personal integrity high work as a team to make the force corruption-free, bring in transparency in our functioning strive continuously to raise the professional skills and work for the welfare of our force. Making Ratnagiri a safer and better place to live in our mission and we will work for this along the community.

Police Welfare Activities

Take a peek inside welfare activities for Police & their families